My A-Z Blogging Challenge Topic List!

Yes, I know! I’m posting this very late! But it’s still Wednesday here, and I’m going to have my first entry up by the end us the day, mark my words!

Here are my topics for the A-Z Blogging challenge, which I’ll be participating in throughout the month of April. I’m looking forward to getting to know other participants, and to exercising my brevity muscle, which is… mildly atrophied!

April 01, Wednesday – Art is Hard
April 02, Thursday – Being God and Building a World
April 03, Friday – Clean Reader, or, the c-word and when I used it
April 04, Saturday – Dreaming of the Publishing World

April 06, Monday – Electroswing (It’s My Jam)
April 07, Tuesday – Feminism Isn’t a Dirty Word, and if it is, I Have a Filthy Mouth
April 08, Wednesday – Great Books (That Your May Not Have Read)
April 09, Thursday – How Much Research is too Much Research?
April 10, Friday – Inspiration: Where Did the World of My Book Come From?
April 11, Saturday – Junking Writing You Still Like

April 13, Monday – Kate’s Favourite Authors
April 14, Tuesday – Learning To Write the Stuff You Suck at Writing
April 15, Wednesday – Magical Normalcy: My Magic System
April 16, Thursday –No More Castles, or, I’m never going to write medieval fantasy
April 17, Friday – Oliva Faraday and the story of writing a main character who isn’t the main character
April 18, Saturday – Patterns in my Writing

April 20, Monday – Queens of Fantasy, or, random female characters in fantasy who I think are ballers
April 21, Tuesday – Random Facts about me
April 22, Wednesday – Stirring up Genre Stew
April 23, Thursday – Technology and Fantasy, or, the story of the flashbulb camera
April 24, Friday – Undressing History, or, fashion research and invention
April 25, Saturday – Venomous Opinions from Point of View Characters

April 27, Monday – Write Women Unique
April 28, Tuesday – Xhilerating Xercise Xceeds Xpectations, or, writing while walking, or,  xs are stupid don’t look at me
April 29, Wednesday – Yuck/Yum, or, being an author who hates caffeine
April 30, Thursday – Zen Time, or, theta waves are magic


4 thoughts on “My A-Z Blogging Challenge Topic List!

    • katemcbooks April 2, 2015 / 5:21 pm

      Final Fantasy XII is my favourite of the whole series for this exact reason! Ashe is actually a crazy inspiring character for me and I can honestly say that she changed my life 🙂 I definitely think there are just some characters who are more exciting from an outside perspective.


  1. Donna Florack April 5, 2015 / 7:00 pm

    I applaud your organization and planning! I am doing the A to Z Challenge, too, and I’m still revising the list as I go. Different ideas keep suggesting themselves.


    • katemcbooks April 24, 2015 / 8:19 pm

      If I don’t do all of this in advance, I’ll never have the energy to come up with a theme on the day-of! Just look at me, already a week behind and I DO have all my topics chosen already!

      Liked by 1 person

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