First Draft For Deathsniffer2 Finished!

it's time to meet my best friend again.
it’s time to meet my best friend again.

Good news everyone! I just finished my first draft for the sequel to THE DEATHSNIFFER’S ASSISTANT! It was one of my goals to finish my second book before my first one was released, and I’m excited to have hit that target with a lot of room to spare! It’s now eight weeks until July 13th, the release of my first novel, and I’m sitting on the first draft for the second in the series!

Of course, like all first drafts, it’s going to need a lot of finessing to get to the point it needs to be at. It’s kind of a mess right now! A whole lot needs to be fixed before even my alpha readers get to see it. But we’ll get there!

So to celebrate, let me share five facts about my second book. Which should be a challenge without spoiling much of anything for the first book, which isn’t out yet!

1. Book 2 still doesn’t have a title. It has about seven different working titles, all of which I just hate. I can’t even name the one that I hate the least, because I still hate the one that I hate the least more than I hate mosquitoes or turnip, my least favourite things. Hopefully something brilliant will come to me during revision, or one of my alpha readers will be inspired!

2. The second book takes place three months after the first. I really wanted an off screen period for things to grow. There are going to be three months between each in the series of four, with each book taking place in a different season!

3. The second book deals with a theme of grief. I delve into what grief does to us and how it can ebb and flow and twist us into shadows of ourselves. I’ve dealt with grief myself in a lot of different ways and during a lot of different life phases, so I hope it resonates with people.

4. The Deathsniffer’s Assistant introduces some possible romantic chemistry. The sequel delivers on that chemistry in spades. People who are disappointed with the amount of romance in the first book should hold out for the second! There are definitely a lot of people kissing in this one.

5. Currently, the sequel is almost thirty thousand words shorter than the first book. The really weird part is that to me it feels longer. I wonder what that means? Maybe I’ll get a better sense in my readthrough!

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