The Heartreader’s Secret cover & preorder!

I’m so excited to finally be revealing the gorgeous cover for The Faraday Files book number 3, The Heartreader’s Secret! In THS, Chris and Olivia are leaving the big city and their murders to solve a missing persons case in the country. You’ll get to see the world beyond Darrington, explore the motivations and hidden desires of the heartreader Rachel Albany, and, what everyone has been waiting for, finally meet Olivia’s mother!

3 The Heartreader's Secret final front cover final

Chris and Rachel look so amazing on this cover. Thanks so much to my wonderful cover artist, Amalia Chitulescu, for knocking it out of the park once again. Don’t you love the blue highlights and how they bring life to the image? Amazing.

You can pre-order The Heartreader’s Secret here on  More links to other vendors will be added later! The book is out in less than a month, which is just so exciting. I can’t wait for you all to read it!


The Heartreader’s Secret pubs April 12, 2018!

At long last, it’s here! The promised, anticipated, long-awaited release of Faraday Files #3, The Heartreader’s Secret, has a firm release date! The book will be coming from Curiosity Quills on April 12, 2018, and will be available at most digital retailers!

This one has been a trial to get out of my head and into your hands. The actual writing process took forever. I didn’t outline nearly enough, and just told myself that I’d figure out the ending when I got there. Bad idea! I can’t make this work. I never could. I finally finished the book less than a week before my wedding to my frequently credited partner in crime, Elzie, who didn’t have the time to go through and edit my work on the book for almost a month, because… well, she’d also just gotten married! She finally got done with it only to inform me, on no uncertain terms, that the book was Extremely Bad.


So then began another several months of deep edits, which took longer than they otherwise might have, because, have I mentioned, I’d just gotten married? By the time it got to my agent, the book was looking strong, but we were miles behind!

It only snowballed from there. My agent was swamped, my publisher is in the midst of some really cool internal development that unfortunately slowed down publishing, and both my previous editors were unavailable! Just the act of scheduling this release date has taken two weeks longer than it usually does!

But here it is, written in stone, promised from the bottom of my heart. The book is no longer Extremely Bad. I have it on good authority from the wife that it is now, in fact, Extremely Good! Everyone who’s read it has said it’s easily their favourite of the entire series so far, and things are finally smoothing out and gliding to a graceful finish on the pub side of things. On April 12th, the book will be in your hands, and you’ll finally be able to experience the next chapter in Chris and Olivia’s story together.

More information, such as preorders and event info, will be forthcoming! For now, mark your calendars and get ready.22

Experience The Deathsniffer’s Assistant in a New Way December 15th!

The date is coming up on the audio book release date of The Deathsniffer’s Assistant!

cover for the audio edition!

Maybe you’ve been meaning to check out the book and haven’t been able to make time in your busy schedule. Maybe you’ve already read it and want to reread. Or maybe you’re like me, and think of audiobooks as a form of adaptation, and just want to see TDA adapted to a new format! There are tons of reasons to pick it up in either digital or physical format!

The audiobook of The Deathsniffer’s Assistant is published by Tantor Audio, performed by Romy Nordlinger, and proliferated by Audible. Here are some places you can pick it up!

Tantor’s Site: You can get the book here in physical form as either an Audio CD, which can be played in most CD players, and an MP3 CD, which will not work in a base model CD player, but will contain an MP3 that you can access from a computer or MP3 CD player!

Audible Site: If you’d rather go digital, you can get the audiobook off Audible! It can be purchased with either credits, if you have an Audible membership, or normal money! Through the audible app, you can listen to the book on your phone or computer easily.

Amazon: Finally, you can buy it in either physical or digital via Amazon! The physical version has Amazon Prime attached to it, so if you’re a Prime member, you can have it at your house in two days! Amazon also has the awesome functionality where, if you’ve already bought the Kindle edition of the book, you can get the audible version for only four dollars!

People are already asking me the big question, of course, which is — will The Timeseer’s Gambit also be out, and if so, when? And what about books three and four? The short answer is, it depends! Tantor wants to see how the first one sells before it commits to the sequels. The best way to make sure you get to hear Olivia’s first official serial killer case is to pick up the first one and give it a listen!


Cover Reveal for The Timeseer’s Gambit!

My second book, The Timeseer’s Gambit, is going to be out in just two weeks now, and I’m so excited to reveal its cover here today!


The cover for  The Timeseer’s Gambit features Chris alongside William, the titular Timeseer, set against warm colours to make you think of hot, heavy summer days. I was lucky enough to get the same artist who worked on The Deathsniffer’s Assistant and I absolutely love how they look side by side! The Kindle version of The Timeseer’s Gambit is now available for preorder at and other territories, so grab your copy today! (Paperbacks will be available for purchase on release day!)

Super excited for everyone to get their hands on this book! I think everyone is going to love it.


Official Release Date for The Timeseer’s Gambit!

Good news, everyone! I finally have permission to share the official release date for book 2 of the Faraday Files, The Timeseer’s Gambit! The  book will be available for purchase on August 4th, 2016! I know that seems like a long wait but it’ll be here before you know it! In the meantime, I’ll be working away on book 3, The Heartreader’s Secret.

I can’t wait to see what you all think about The Timeseer’s Gambit! I’m incredibly proud of it and so far, everyone seems to think it’s even better than the first!


Tentatively Calling This One a Success

With thirty ratings on Amazon and fifty on Goodreads, it looks like a consensus is officially emerging on the topic of my debut novel. And that consensus, to my enormous pleasure and glee and pride, is that it’s pretty damn good.

The Deathsniffer’s Assistant has a 4.22 average on the very specific Goodreads, and a 4.5 on the considerably less precise Amazon. I told myself if I could get into the 3.9-4.1 range, I’d consider the novel a resounding success, but it looks like I sold myself short. So far, even my most negative reviews — for which I’m grateful and learning from — haven’t fallen below the 3 star mark. It’s hard to argue with  numbers, and as it stands, my numbers are looking very encouraging indeed.

Of course, numbers are stale and simplistic and can only ever scratch the surface of impressions. A five star rating makes my toes curl in pure happiness, but some kind or even critical words make my day complete. From meeting new fans eager for me to sign their dog-eared copies to the most amazingly encouraging words on the internet, interacting with the people, reading their feelings, and seeing the passion they can feel for my characters has been the absolute best experience of my life, and everything I ever could have hoped for.

So many years of blood, sweat, and tears went into The Deathsniffer’s Assistant. And even one stranger’s positive opinion has made it all worth it.

Having officially reached this threshold, I’m going to start a new weekly series about the actual content of my book. I’ve tried to avoid talking much about it because I don’t want to spoil anything so soon after release. But I think the time has come to start unboxing some of this book that so many people have liked so much.


My Baby Turned Loose Into the World

Today is the day!

It was October 4th, 2011, when I wrote the last word of The Deathsniffer’s Assistant. (The last word is “murder,” which is very appropriate.) At the time, I didn’t know if the book was good. I didn’t know if I could ever find an agent, much less a publisher. I didn’t know if anyone on earth would ever read it.

Fast forward! Years later, I have the best agent, the funnest publisher, and strangers all over the world are holding my book and breaking into the first pages. I have traffic on my site, retweets on my blog, and shares on my Facebook. I have 200 goodreaders hoping to win my giveaway! It’s happened faster than I possibly could have imagined and this is it. The day when MY book because A book.

It’s out there in the world. You can get it one click for the price of a nice coffee. It can be on your phone as you read it on the bus. And none of that has anything to do with me. For so long, I’ve been the custodian and arbiter or my own work, but not anymore! Control over my work is completely out of my own hands.

It’s liberating. It’s terrifying. It’s exciting. Did I mention it was terrifying?

Today has been a whirlwind! I’m in the local paper, my social media is blowing up, and my book! My book is out there! Disseminating into the wide crazy world! All I can do is watch it happen and hope that there are people who will love my characters and my stories, because that’s all I ever wanted.

In my first ever post on this blog I said that I wanted you to buy my book. Not because I want to get paid (though who doesn’t love getting paid), but because I think you’ll like it. And I still think that’s true. There’s a link to Amazon in the sidebar of my site, and I invite each and every one of you to take this thing that I build out into the world, out of my hands, and judge it for yourself.



In addition to the Rafflecopter Giveaway, (which has ten days left and you can enter here!) we’ve also launched a Goodreads Giveaway! This is super easy to enter if you have a Goodreads account, only taking a single click! You can enter here on Goodreads. And be sure to add the book to your to-read list!

We’re only a week and a half away, now… I can’t believe it!


Enter the Rafflecopter Giveaway for THE DEATHSNIFFER’S ASSISTANT!

We’re running a giveaway where you can win a free signed copy of THE DEATHSNIFFER’S ASSISTANT mailed to your front door! There are tons of different ways to enter by signal boosting the giveaway or otherwise supporting me and the book online! With less than two weeks left before the book is out (eek!), I appreciate all the support I can get!

Click here to enter the giveaway!


10 Ways You Can Help

Well, here we are. It is now June 13th, and there is only a month left before the release of my debut novel, The Deathsniffer’s Assistant (which you can preorder now on Amazon.)

I’ve been in an almost constant state of anxiety for two months now, and every day it gets a little bit crazier! I’ve poured so much of my life into this novel and in such a short time, it’s going to be turned out loose into the world. Already, strangers have their hands on ARCs and are weighing in with their thoughts on Goodreads and Amazon. The Deathsniffer’s Assistant is rapidly outgrowing the little enclosure it was born and raised in, and when that gate gets thrown open a month from today, it’s going to be truly out of my hands… and into yours.

Presumably, everyone reading my blog are already fans of mine. You’ve come here because you like my thoughts on fantasy, feminism, or are just interested in my book. You might want to help me out. How can you do that? Well, here are ten things you can do if you want to put yourself at an inconvenience to help me out:

(Note: If you don’t want to do any of this, that’s fine! This is for those who want to go above and beyond to support me. Just reading my book in any context is awesome and wonderful.)

1. Buy my book.

This one is obvious, but it’s important! Buy my book. This will give me money, which is good, but it will also boost me on the websites that are selling it, making it more visible to readers who haven’t heard of me or my book yet, but would really like to.

2. Buy other books at the same time as you buy my book.

Amazon’s algorithms will associate books together if they’re bought often enough. If you’d like to buy something alongside my novels to try and tie them together, I suggest anything by Gail Carriger or the Lady Trent novels by Marie Brennan. They’re all fantastic, and I think there’s a lot of overlap between who would like them! If enough people do this, there’s a higher chance that Amazon will suggest my book to people who buy those books.

3. Leave reviews for my book.

It’s super important to get reviews in this digital age. The more reviews something has, the more vendors notice it exists. It only takes five minutes to write a decent review, so if you want to help me out, writing reviews and posting them on Goodreads, Amazon, and/or the CQ site is the best thing you can do other than buying my book. Maybe even more than buying my book!

4. Leave ratings for my book.

If you hate reviews and just can’t bring yourself, just a star rating on Goodreads, Amazon, or other applicable site helps, too! While not as important as reviews, a rating does the same thing: bumps the book up in search algorithms so that other people can discover it!

5. Subscribe, like, and share.

Following me on my social media platforms helps a lot, especially if you like and/or share my content! It’s a big, wide, and ferocious internet where you can shout into the jungle for hours and have nobody hear you. The more people you have shouting too, the more someone is likely to notice. And ten people shouting something slightly different is a lot less obnoxious than one person shouting the same thing over and over again! We writers have to be really careful about how much self promotion we do, because too much can turn readers off. You can connect with me here on my site, on tumblr, on twitter, on Goodreads, and on Facebook!

6. Tell a Friend.

With the advent of self and independent publishing, there are so, so many great books out there, more than ever before. There are more amazing books than even voracious readers will ever be able to get through. I have books on my “to-read” list on Goodreads that I bought five years ago or more! But when a friend tells me I’ll like something, that book gets bumped way up my list and I’m way more likely to get to it quick.

7. Gift a Friend.

An even bigger incentive than someone telling me I’d like a book is suddenly finding it in my mailbox with a note from a friend saying they just need to talk with me about it so read it right away! When someone buys a book for me, it jumps right to the top of my list! If you want a friend to read The Deathsniffer’s Assistant and tell other people about it, nothing helps more than thrusting the book right into their hands!

8. Request it at your Local Library.

Libraries do more for writers than you probably realize! You may think that someone borrowing my book from a library is a sale I lose, but that’s not true at all. People who borrow from libraries will often later buy a book that they liked a lot, and it increases the odds that one of them will love it and have a huge reader’s network that they can share it with! When you request my book at a library, or donate a copy to a library, that makes it more available to everyone else.

9. Request it at your Local Bookstore.

If your local big chain location doesn’t have the book, put in a request that they start to carry it! The Deathsniffer’s Assistant will be available from Barnes & Noble and Chapters at launch, and hopefully more international vendors later! If they don’t have the book on shelves, it’s because they don’t think people will buy it off the shelf. If you ask for them to stock it, they’ll realize there’s a demand!

10. Google Me.

Take the time to Google “Kate McIntyre” or “Kate McIntyre Author” or “The Deathsniffer’s Assistant” and then click on the links that lead to my site, my Goodreads profile, my author page on Amazon, and so forth! This will trick poor Google into thinking that people really care about some debut author in Eastern Canada and her book, and Google will show me to more people accordingly!

There we go! Ten things you can do as we head into release that will help put The Deathsniffer’s Assistant on as many radars as possible. Again: you don’t need to do any of this! Just being here, reading these words… you’ve already made a big difference! However, if you really want to put yourself out to bolster my career, all of any of these things are wondrous gifts given to me from your sweet hearts.

Here’s hoping that I keep my head on my shoulders and get through the next month!